#TheCandras France Trip 2016



I know, I know, I’m not yet used to posting on time, but I will certainly get there soon..

Ok so, some of you must have noticed that “last year”, around November-December 2016 my husband, Pitu and I had the chance to visit my “kampung halaman” or my other home which is France. This time was super fun, because it was actually the first time we all three of us (Eross, Pitu and I) went to France together.

I used to go there every year before I got married, but after that it has been more difficult and of course we didn’t have many opportunities to go there. So after Eross and I got married, we went there, that was in 2009.

And then, when Pitu was 6 months, I went to France with him, just the two of us. After that we went back there again just the two of us as well, I don’t exactly remember when was it, but a little bit more than three years from now. That last trip was quite moving because we when there especially to visit my grandmother who was getting sick. And yes, not long after we went back to Indonesia, she passed away.. So, yes that was really hard for me especially I loved her so much, I still do :). But I’m grateful that the Pitu and I had the opportunity to see her.

So, after three years, which is quite some time for me not to go back to France, we finally made it all the three of us!

I was so happy to be able to see the family, the daily life in France, many places, and of course for Pitu it was the first time he saw snow! We also stayed there for a good time, giving us the chance to see Paris, Lyon, Châtenay, Combloux (near Chamonix, to see the snow) and Orleans. Thank you to all friends and family who welcomed us so well, it was a really sweet memory.. Merci Mamido (Dominique), my aunt, who took us to Combloux to see the snow, even though it was pretty challenging since there was not much snow; it snowed two weeks before but no snow later, so we were pretty lucky. Merci Tante Colette who was so sweet, and welcomed us in her house with a magnificent view!

We had a family gathering in order to remember my beloved grandmother. We saw almost all my cousins, aunts and uncles. We spent a really nice time with my grandfather, so happy to see him doing well and in good shape for his age! I’m so grateful and can’t thank him enough. And my mother was there as well, arranged everything for us; it was really nice (I keep on saying this but it was, it really was) to be with her as well there. So yea, it was really really nice (I say it again!). Anndd we had 3 weeks of almost every day super nice weather; it was cold but sunny, and we couldn’t ask for better!

Walking was such a pleasure for us, since here in Indonesia we are quite dependent on our personal vehicle (car and motorcycle). Actually Pitu, our son, really enjoyed walking and taking the public transportations. The number of things to do and see is just unbelievable, so many museums (free and with a fee), many great free playgrounds for kids. In Lyon, there’s even a City Zoo called “Parc de la Tête d’Or”, there are animals and the place is so huge, open air. It’s just great! I have to say that we miss that in here, Jogja. Anyway, for me it was personally a very nice come back. For Pitu, I think and hope he learned a lot and saw another part, another way how people live. Travelling and seeing how other people live, the cultures, etc it’s such an important experience for then to have respect towards others. I hope we can go back soon and see other beautiful parts of France.

So, here are some pictures taken during our trip (some taken with a real camera and some with my phone, so sorry for the not so good quality).. I’m still working on the vlog but I will update you all soon when it’s done and uploaded on my YouTube Channel. In the mean time, you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel :

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Enjoy! Bisous Xoxo

PS : I’m writing in english so that all can understand, even friends and families on the other side of the planet.


#theCandras Trip to Pasar Kranggan


Jadi inilah post pertama di blog pribadi saya ini. Saya akan mencoba untuk rajin menulis dan bercerita seputar keluarga, masakan, travelling dan lain-lainnya yang ingin saya bagikan ke teman-teman semua.

Sudah cukup lama sebenarnya kami tidak main ke pasar tradisional. Entah kenapa, karena sayang sekali, selain harga jauh lebih rendah, banyak pilihan dan ada sensasi tersendiri; bertemu penjualnya langsung, bisa tanya-tanya, sungguh ada interaksi yang mungkin tidak kita dapatkan ketika ke supermarket. Memories of childhood definitely comes back when going to a traditional market. Mungkin karena termasuk jarang sehingga ketika ke sana maka senang dan kalapnya luar biasa. Justru dulu saat kecil lebih sering ke Pasar karena mungkin mall dan supermarket belum menjamur seperti sekarang. Banyak sekali tempat-tempat indah dan menarik yang dapat didatangi di Jogja.. Hopefully lebih banyak kesempatan lain untuk explore sudut-sudut Jogja bersama keluarga.. 🙂 Silakan kalau ada info tempat atau hal menarik yang bisa dilakukan #theCandras di Jogja yaa..

Jadiii, pada hari itu, usai menjalankan ibadah Idul Adha, kami berjalan-jalan sambil mencari ide sarapan. Kemudian kami teringat pada jajanan pasar dan memutuskan untuk ke Pasar Kranggan yang ada di dekat Tugu. Tidak semua penjual datang, mungkin karena tanggal merah ya.. Walau demikian kami sekeluarga sangat menikmati momen di sana.

Sebenarnya di dekat Pasar Kranggan ada satu toko kue dan jajanan pasar yaitu Trubus. Kami lebih sering ke situ jika dibandingkan dengan pasar tradisional, kenapa ya? Anyway, kami parkir dan masuk ke dalam pasar. It’s amazing how organised sellers are at traditional markets. They know exactly what to bring, how to prepare etc. Masih thumbs up dan salut sekali untuk para penjual di pasar ketika mengingat momen tersebut.

Apa saja dijual di pasar tersebut. Tiap pasar memang berbeda; Pasar Kranggan termasuk salah satu yang menurut saya sangat lengkap apalagi untuk jajanan pasar dan snack. Mulai dari makanan tradisional sampai ke snack yang modern tapi “jadul” ada.

Yang paling dicari sebenarnya adalah Jenang (bubur) Gempol, favorit Ayah Eross. Kemudian juga Tiwul dan Lupis. It was good! A fun fun activity to do with family or friends.

Bagaimana dengan teman-teman? Jika disuruh pilih, lebih senang ke pasar tradisional atau ke supermarket? Atau mungkin dua-duanya? Yang pasti pasar tradisional adalah tempat yang menyenangkan sekali dan memiliki suasana yang tidak bisa tergantikan oleh supermarket..

Happy weekend!