I’m a mother and a wife; very blessed to have them (my son and husband) and a very supportive loving mother and family. Born from a French mother and Indonesian father. Raised in two different places and cultures. After I got married, life is mostly here in Indonesia, which I really love. I don’t go to France as often as before but that has pushed me to this journey where in being nostalgic of all great memories in France I developed my cooking skills I would say.

Through cooking, I can discover again the goodness of homemade cooking. I feel that through food we create memories. Just like a song, when the taste is right, it can bring us to the right time we’ve lived or even mark a memory. When I cook a flan or crème caramel for example, I can remember my Grand-mère (grandmother). I remember how fun and yummy it was we (grandchildren) used to make it with her. Or a great satisfying salad!

I have a big passion in cooking, finding new tastes, and the nostalgia of good ones. I enjoy the time when I’m in the kitchen or being out tasting and getting to know about culinary and what constitutes it. I get all creative when I’m cooking, I feel that I’m in my zone, having my “me-time” and I just have fun. I like to “Track & Trace” some products and recipes as well; getting to know where the ingredients come from, how it’s made etc.

Family is truly the food that keeps on nourishing my soul. I love them “to infinity and beyonddd”, as my son Pitu, used to imitate Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. This blog is dedicated to them, to record memories and sharing it to our family and friends all around the globe.

This blog is more personal, not only limited to one subject but more on things I feel to share with you all. There will certainly be more on food/recipes but sometimes it will be about family, sharing stories, activities and probably other things I not yet have in mind right now. I will be using more than one language (Bahasa/French/English), probably more Bahasa and English. I hope that you will enjoy reading and looking at my blog..

Thank you XOXO